タブーや規制ばかりのメディアでは放送されないが、等身大にそして雄弁に語りかけてくる映像をフェミニストの視点であつめた祭?神出鬼没「連連影展 FAV」。


祭のあとは、あなたもアクティビズムしたくなる! ビデオカメラをまわしたくなる!

Let’s FAV!!

Spend a day immersing yourself in the power of feminism and activism in Japan and around the world. Unbridled by taboo and the rules of the media, FAV brings to you a collection of outspoken and larger-than-life films from a feminist perspective. Not just a study session, and going beyond passively witnessing the tragedy, FAV invites the creator and viewer (or both!) to stand up and get involved. While the media divides the creator and the viewer, FAV expresses, shows and links us to the complicated histories and identities behind issues - neither simplifying what is complicated, nor painting things in black and white. In times of conflict (although not limited to), feminists are speaking out against the multiple layers of social discrimination and the inevitable violence against and exploitation of women resulting from the existence of military bases. FAV is a whirl of women in this vortex, and after joining us, you too will feel inspired to make a difference! Perhaps even pick up a camera yourself.

サイト名: FAV(Feminist Active documentary Video festa) 連連影展   http://www.renren-fav.org/main
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